Monday, March 26, 2007

Georgia Bloggers Submit Your Posts...Please!

There is a price to be paid for great scenery like this.

Here in the great state of Georgia we are becoming mired down in the thick yellow haze of pollen. It’s everywhere….even with doors and window shut a thin yellow coating can be seen on every surface even after dusting. I hear we aren’t going to to get any rain for at least a week. Any other time that would wonderful news, however, we depend on the rain to wash some of the pollen out of the air and it simply isn’t happening. My students and I are stumbling around high on Advil Cold and Sinus, Claritin, Benedryl, and Sudafed. Thank goodness we aren’t taking “that test” this week because students are falling asleep left and right because of all the meds.

The pollen index which I don’t really understand is set to where anything over 100 means folks with breathing problems need to take care….they might want to stay inside. Today’s reading was over 5,000….that’s how bad it is. I’m escaping to the beach next week to get away from it.

I’ve been having a bit of fun this week over at Georgia On My Mind with Texas history. Yes, I know….it’s supposed to be blog about Georgia. Some Lone Star folks including Ed Darrell at Millard Fillmore's Bathtub are attempting to get a Texas Carnival up and going, and well….some words were exchanged and I couldn’t help myself….I had to go and show off about what I know regarding Texas history. Go on over and see my last three posts to find out about a “BLOG CARNIVAL SLUG FEST.”

The Georgia Carnival will be ready for your reading enjoyment this Friday, March 30th and will be hosted by Melanie at Blog For Democracy. If you aren’t a Georgia blogger, but you know one please send them my way.

If you are a Georgia blogger what are you waiting for? You can submit your post to or you can also use the handy submission form.


Anonymous said...

Nice image, it is like painting art.

Mrs. Bluebird said...

Is that from Calloway Gardens? I love that place. When Daddy lived in Atlanta (Delta Airline employee) we road tripped down there one day and I fell in love. I want azaleas everywhere!!! Hubby was also raised, primarily, in GA, so he considers himself a Georgian. We're all in Tennessee now and my azaleas have struggled (it doesn't help that hubby every year forgets to water the plants and yard every July when I leave to teach summer camp). I can't believe a pollen count of 5,000. I would die.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, although it is an allergy attack waiting to happen. We get rain tonight. I am so happy!

EHT said...

Thanks for visiting. Yes, it is Callaway Gardens which is south of Atlanta. I need to write about how the Gardens came to be and the connection this beautiful place has with Jimmy Carter's presidency.....maybe soon!

As far as I know there is no rain in site. Everything is as yellow as it can be.