Friday, March 02, 2007

A Mixed Day

Putting together two major carnivals in one week has just about done me in. I’ve had the “walking” flu for two weeks now and can’t seem to feel better.

We had a a fairly easy day of it today, however. We celebrated the birthday of Dr. Suess ( a major requirement in any elementary school) today by declaring it a RAD day. RAD means “Read All Day”. Our fourth graders read in every class period except for exploratory. While I could have spent the day grading papers and completing the plethora of forms that pile up on my desk I elected for my students to witness me doing some research.

Student after student asked me, “Hey, Elementaryhistoryteacher….what ‘cha doin’?”

I responded, “Doin’ research.”

“Research? Why?”

“I’m looking for things I can write about on my website.”

Various students would respond, “Cool…” or some other similar utterance before sliding away to share with their friends. I’d hear whispers and titters, but soon like a box of dominos standing up on their ends and getting knocked over a wave of research hysteria swept the room. I looked up to find most of the room reading and taking down notes on subjects that ranged from the heart to India.

This same scene replayed each and every class period. Sometimes all they need is a model.


It has been a sad day in my wonderful state of Georgia and our version of LA (lower Alabama). Yesterday afternoon we heard the sad news about the tornado hitting the highschool in Enterprise, Alabama. What teacher in tornado prone areas doesn’t fear getting hit during tornado season?

Parts of Georgia were hit as well later on in the day and my heart is heavy for everyone’s losses.

If the tornados weren't enough Atlantans were awakened this morning to the horrific scene of a college team bus having overturned close to downtown Atlanta. A parent’s worse nightmare…..a teacher’s worst nightmare.

What will tomorrow bring? I don’t think I want to know.


The Tour Marm said...

You did an admirable job despite your infirmity!

As you can imagine, bus and airline accidents are the nightmares of tour guides.

My prayers to all those affected by the tornadoes and the bus accident.

Put down the sweet tea and get something hot. Have your family pamper you, and get well!

Gattina said...

As you are a teacher, I thought it might be of interest to you. It's from CNN.

the anonymous teacher said...

Good job on modelling!! I always forget how effective that can be. I'm going to have to remind myself on Monday by using it with my monsters.
And as a teacher in a tornado-prone area, I can relate. It's sad and terrifying what happened down south.