Saturday, March 31, 2007

Here's a Tool I Can Use!

Recently BlogNetNews contacted me about their worthy endevor. They offer an aggregator that can focus on certain areas of the blogosphere such as state blogs.

Their introductory email to me stated they don’t have a political ax to grind and they promise they are a generation ahead of other aggregators that just reprint posts and tell you which ones get clicked on the most.

BlogNetNews will use state blogfeeds to create new content and information that will help to organize it.

For example, the Georgia page at BlogNetNews will provide the top news according to what Georgians are linking to the most.

They provide a state specific blog search engine that you can place on your site. I’ve already done so over at Georgia On My Mind, but I need to play with the color a bit. You can find the code to add the search engine to your site.

They provide a quick guide to the hottest blog comment sections in various state blogospheres.

They provide an index of the days most active state specific news and politics and a guide to the most linked to posts by other state specific bloggers.

I already see this as a terrific tool and it will only get better as more of us link to it and provide the content.

I’m pleased this has come along because I see it helping the Georgia Carnival to grow as well as other state carnivals.

Directions for getting your site listed on your state specific page and what they need from you to begin receiving your feed is all detailed very easily for you over at the site.

BlogNetNews receives this teacher’s gold star of the day!

So go on over....check things out... and introduce yourself HERE.

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Rebecca Haden said...

There doesn't seem to be any section for Arkansas.