Friday, March 09, 2007

As Seen On My Computer This Week

Archeo-Porn! Did you know it exists? While I will admit Josh Bernstein, host of Digging For the Truth is a rather hunky guy I’m not referring to him. I am referring to the buzz that was created by a recent Discovery Channel bit of hype concerning the DNA of Jesus. Elisheva over at Got Bible? has the scoop about James Cameron’s newest bit of fiction and calls it Archeo-Porn. I have to agree with her.

Have you ever had anyone delete you from their blogroll or shut down your feed? I’ve had my first disconnect (that I know about) and it got me to wondering why. I found this article titled Why Don't You Like Me? Top Reasons Why People Unsubscribe to Your Feed. Interesting….

So, why can some kids remember better than others? Miss Brooks at Teaching for Understanding is writing about Remodeling and Constructing Memories. Good stuff!

A brand new blogger, 30plusteacher, provides her views about homework. Did you know that the Chinese have begun banning homework? Go check Best Practices In Education.

Can there really be a relevant staff development out there? Yes, and yes, and yes! The Science Goddess over at What It’s Like On The Inside has posted an excellent education carnival. Check out the 109th Education Carnival----The Staff Development Edition.

I received a troubling email a few days ago from my friend Dennis Fermoyle. Do you know Dennis? Have you dropped by From the Trenches of Public Ed. and let your opinion be known lately? Dennis has had some interesting and sometimes heated conversations going on, and he does a wonderful job of faciliating (like any good classroom teacher would do) and simply throws topics out for his participants to discuss and occaisionally slug it out….only in a verbal sense, however. Dennis wrote me a note about one of his participants who we both have had interesting conversations with many times about public education. His name is Steven, and and he is facing a far greater challenge than the problems and solutions with education today. Please read Dennis' column regarding our friend Steven, and if you do that praying kind of thing please throw some good words Steven’s way.

Finally, the Tour Marm over at The Educational Tour Marm has me in a quandry. Does anyone out there know the person associated with her Wordless Wednesday? She did give me a hint…..the person is American. Help!


GreenmanTim said...

I'm thinking the pistol by his feet and the early 19th century clothes might make this a good candidate for Alexander Hamilton, but that's just a guess.

As for dropping a blog from blog rolls or feeds, I do this sometimes as I add new blogs and find that I'm no longer reading others, largely because they stop posting regularly. It's a bit like decluttering the house, something I'm really bad at doing, but in theory something should go when something new comes into a cramped space!

EHT said...

I can completely relate.....Though I've cleaned things up a bit around here I really need to go through all of my blogrolls.

Thanks for the hint an Tour Marm's WW

Anonymous said...

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